All our presentations are educational and entertaining.  Yes, even the financial ones!


You know your team or group can benefit from learning more about business and finance, but you don’t want to bore them to death.  You don’t want a presentation that’s too generic to be helpful, nor a speaker who’s too technical and bores everyone to tears.


A growing body of research suggests that humor in the classroom increases learning and retention

Individualized and fun presentations

If you are looking for a speaker who can entertain and educate, then look no further.   Jennifer is an accomplished speaker and educator who blends her sense of humor and real-world application into every presentation.  She has a unique way of presenting complex concepts in a way that people of all levels of experience can understand and benefit from.

Jennifer doesn’t just present the same speech to each audience.  She carefully adjusts each presentation topic to fit the unique needs of every audience.   She delivers useful information and tools that can be applied immediately.

Jennifer has great presentation skills and really knows finance!!!

The audience reviews are in.  Jennifer consistently gets great ratings for both her presentation style and her knowledge of the subject.  She is terrific at taking complicated and dry topics and making them understandable and interesting.

Read some of the comments:

  • “Good overview of the topic; even if I knew much of topic – I needed a kick to get back to doing things right; Thank You!”
  • “I was surprised by the content of this presentation.  I left with a new sense of purpose and optimism.”
  • “Jennifer is a dynamic speaker who consistently receives excellent ratings.” Maryland Association of CPAs

I need a fun speaker, how do I get started?

Contact Jennifer to see how she can enlighten, entertain, and motivate your meeting and conference attendees!

I’m ready for a great presentation!

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