Our case studies are real-life examples of how The Sustainable CFO can stabilize cash flow, reduce expenses, and increase profitability.  Read how we have helped other businesses solve their cash-flow and profitability challenges.


A legal services company had no idea how they were doing on a monthly basis.  They knew they were growing, increasing their client base every month, but the cash balance didn’t seem to be increasing.  Unfortunately they had no monthly financial information.  This company, with $16 million in annual revenue, was still keeping their financial records the old-fashioned way – by hand!  Every month they were processing 4,700 invoices, 3,700 bills, and 1,500 checks.  They were only able to produce financial statements at the end of the year.  In addition, there were no controls in place to ensure the legitimacy of the bills, prevent duplicate payments, or the timely collection of receivables. They needed to enter the 21st century!

We analyzed their current process and performed a needs analysis.  From there we were able to develop a more efficient workflow, re-organize the accounting department, and recommend a new computerized accounting system.   We installed the new system, trained the staff, and developed monthly financial analysis reports including key performance indicators.

The project was completed 3 months early and 16% under budget.  The client can now produce monthly financial reports to evaluate their operations.  An additional benefit was the creation of internal controls that prevented duplicate payments resulting in an additional savings of $10,000 per year!



An angel investor had investments in a dozen start-up entities.  He was continually on the run trying to keep tabs on his investments and add value to their operations.  In addition, he was also making additional cash investments into the various companies every single month.  He had no time and was investing too much money.

We developed and facilitated a two-day off-site strategic planning session.  We developed an outline of desired investment characteristics where the owner had interest and could provide significant value to the business operations. We identified non-performing investments and prepared for strategic dispositions.

Within 6 months the angel investor was able to take his first 2 week vacation! Four investments were sold for a profit and the cash flow started coming in!



A residential construction and development company in Florida had more than 500 units under construction when the 2004 hurricane season struck.  Hurricane Charlie passed then by but made them realize that they needed a plan, and quickly!  In a span of six weeks they were hit by Hurricane Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne.  This resulted in 254 insurance claims – some construction sites were damaged twice!

We prepared a detailed Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan.  The plan included steps to minimize loss and damage before a disaster struck, what to do during the hurricane, and emergency response plans.  We included communication plans and also addressed the personal safety of the employees.  When the hurricanes struck all the employees knew what they needed to do and when.  After the disaster we assisted in stop-loss procedures, prepared documentation for all claims, and assisted with the all communications with the insurance company and the adjustors.

While you cannot prevent losses in a disaster, having a plan can minimize the short-term out-of-pocket loss and the longer term impact to your reputation.  The builder not only recovered all of their losses from the insurance company but was reimbursed at full current replacement cost.  In addition there was not one complaint from a customer regarding the quality of their new home!  Their reputation came through stronger than before!

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