Cash-flow a nightmare? Expenses out of control? Profits dropping?

You started your business because you are good at what you do, not because you wanted to be an accountant!  But in order for your business to be the success that you want it to be you need financial expertise.   We can quickly evaluate what you are doing now and suggest simple and effective changes that have an immediate impact!

I don’t have the time to train someone or the money for another employee.

A small business consultant can help!

Hiring a business consultant gives you instant access to the business savvy you need without adding another full-time employee to your payroll.   Our experience can be applied to your business right away without a long learning curve.  You can take advantage of the years of knowledge and expertise we have gained from working with a variety of businesses to increase your cash flow, reduce your costs, and be more profitable!

We can help your business with:

  • Cash Flow – cash flow forecasting, receivables collection, inventory management
  • Profitability – decreasing expenses,  increasing revenue
  • Planning – budgets, strategic plans
  • Operations – increasing efficiency,  developing procedures, fraud prevention
  • Financial Analysis – understand where your money is coming from and going to!

I need a consultant, how do I get started?

Contact us for a FREE half-hour consultation to see how we help solve your business problems and help you go from CRISIS to SUCCESS!

Let’s Get Started Now!

Find out more about what we can do for you and your business on our FAQ.  Also be sure to read Our Case Studies.

If you need help with your cash flow, download this report Managing Cash-Flow When Money Is Tight , or read our FAQs.